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Thanks for a great season!

Monday, October 20th, 2014
Thank you for choosing the Whistler Golf Club this season. We hope you enjoyed your experience and choose us again next season! If you took the time to fill out a guest survey again thank you for the positive feedback on our condition and service this year. As always we get great feedback for improvement and will continue to listen to your suggestions.

To stay updated on the Whistler Golf Club during the off-season follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Thanks again for your business.

2015 Group Outings
It’s never too early to reserve your tee time for your group of 12 or more for the 2015 season. Our weekends fill up early so pick your date and call Sales Manager Ro Davies at 604-938-5886 and reserve your date. As always, the group organizer stays and plays for free.
INSTAGRAM 2014. These are some of our favourite shots from this season from our guests on Instagram. Hashtag your best #whistlergolf
Whistler Golf Club -
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The “Iron Arnie” and “Iron Maiden”

Saturday, August 30th, 2014

Join us for our version of the Ironman September 23rd. This one fills up fast so book your tee time today!


Iron Arnie 2014

Now open!

Friday, May 9th, 2014

Have a great golf season everyone! The best rates can be found by booking online at


PERFECT 10 PASS- Purchase by May 1st and get 2 free rounds

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014


Purchase an individual Perfect 10 pass or a Couples Perfect 10 pass by May 1st and receive 2 free rounds.For information on pricing and booking privileges of our Perfect 10 passes click here.

To purchase a Perfect 10 pass stop by the golf shop or call 604-932-3280

Like us on Facebook to see all the prize winners from last weekends grand opening of The Range.Current hours at The Range are 11am-6pm. Click here to view information on our 5 session clinics and junior golf schools.



Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

What’s the best thing about golf in Whistler in June? Well in our opinion besides the great golf it’s the fact that you can play until 10pm!

Welcome to “Mid- Week Madness!” Through the month of June play any Monday to Thursday as many  times as you like in a day. Our first tee off time is 7am so there is a lot of day light for you. Palmer’s Gallery Bar and Grill and our beverage cart will keep you going so come make a day of it.

  • Go to and book online using promo code “golf” or call 604-932-3280 and ask for the “mid week madness unlimited golf special”
  • Book your second (and third round for you really going for it) when you check in for your first round.
  • Offer valid on the Daily or BC resident green fee rate. (cannot be combined with any other offers.)

HAVE FUN! Our new bent grass greens are in amazing shape as is the entire golf course.

Awaking soon on a hole near you!

Awaking soon on a hole near you!


460 yard Par 4 16th. "The Gallery"

460 yard Par 4 16th. “The Gallery”



Thursday, March 14th, 2013


March 14,2013


March 14th…Here we go.  Snow blowing started yesterday and already the guys have uncovered 1 tee, 18 tees and 17 tees.  18 green was the first green to get to get blown off and it looks great.  We will be blowing greens over the next couple of weeks and hope to have them all uncovered by April 1st.

The mild weather throughout February allowed us to work on some well needed tree liming.  You will notice a difference right away on your Drive down #3.  We pruned up all the trees along the right side of the fairway to allow a sight line all the way to the corner from the blue and black deck.  We also worked on sight lines for #8 green, you will now be able to see the whole right side of the green and surround from all tee decks.  Other areas include 14 green, 3 green 6 green, 7 green and the putting green for shade management, and 1 Fairway and 16 tees for playability and pace of play concerns.  

With the snow melting so fast it won’t be long before our neighbors start to awake from there winter slumber…Just a reminder to keep all dogs on leashes and to keep all garbage in bear proof garbage cans throughout the village. This year we will be working on our Environmental case study for Audubon International which will be on Bear management, habitat conservation and safety.  Stay posted for a full Audubon update.

1st tee, March 13th


Awaking soon on a hole near you!


Sunday, February 7th, 2010

As the Olympics draw closer in our home town of Whistler and the excitement builds I am simply awestruck by the impact the Torch Relay has had on our communities throughout B.C. and Canada. Whistler saw over 10,000 people come out for the lighting of the community cauldron on Friday night. Steve Podborski, “Crazy Canuck” skied the torch down Whistler Mountain after Julie Murray from Whistler and a member of Canada’s Ski Cross team raced it up the mountain by snowmobile. My 8 year old daughter said to me that night- “Dad did you know Julia Murray went to our school!”- that sums it all up right there.

I had the honour of carrying the torch Saturday morning at 7:02 down Village Gate Boulevard and Northlands drive. The Torch Relay staff is simply amazing. There were 13 runners on the Whistler leg of the torch relay on Saturday as it headed to Pemberton. We met the staff at 6am where we were taken through a history of the Olympic Flame. What struck me was the fact at 7:02 I would be the only one in the world carrying the Olympic Flame! Don’t trip, don’t blow it out…… the heart started racing big time!  We introduced ourselves and our connection to Whistler and the Olympics. Kate Webster from Whistler Blackcomb would lead us off at 7am, pass to me and I would then pass to Andree Janyk who’s accomplishments are to long to mention- but her most important one is that she is downhiller Britt and slalomer Michael Janyk’s mom! After a little practice on how we would cross our torches to light the next runner torch, we headed out to the lead bus as a group to drop each runner in position.

Andree and I shared a few laughs over me telling her that she would be crying her eyes out as I approached her- “no way” she said. But just then she got a text from Britt in Nikiska where the ski team is training saying- ‘Good luck mom’ and I knew Andree was toast from there. Just as the emotions of the day began to hit the staff showed us a video of the history of the Olympic Flame layered with the cold play song “Fix You” and that was it- “get out the tissue box” I said.

Here we go! The bus dropped off Kate to a big cheer. We wished her well and the bus then proceeded to drop me off. What an incredible sight. The sky was clear, the moon was out and all my well wished gave me a huge cheer as I stepped off the bus. After a bunch of photos with my family and of course the Whistler Golf Club staff as we awaited Kate and the torch, lots of people I didn’t know who by chance were heading to work on the hill or to their Olympic venue jumped in for photos. Then someone yells out- “here it comes!” I looked down Village Gate and there was Kate giving it up the hill with the flame flying high. I took my position, Kate took hers, I looked at her, tears coming down her face and we lit the torch. It looked so amazing I just stared it it for a while until the staff said “Alan time to run!” Oh yeah right!

Off  I went with my kids runnung beside me “Go Dad Go” What a thrill. I was struck with how beautiful the torch looks while running I couldn’t stop looking at it. I thought about my family, friends, ex team mates, Coach Donohue, those I’ve lost- everything in that three minutes. I approached Andree to light her torch and sure enough she was crying ” I told you you’d cry I said” We shared a hug and off she went. The staff extinguishes the flame right away because of course there can only be one Olympic Flame. After some more quick photos they pick you up on the trail bus and one by one you follow the relay picking up the torch bearers. This was awesome because you get to see each runner fans and share their moment with them when they get back on the bus. The staff take your torch, open it up, take out the fuel and disable the flame system. From there the torch is all yours.

I can’t wait to see who will light the flame in Vancouver. It will obviously mean more to me now. I had the pleasure of meeting Terry Fox at Simon Fraser University where I was playing basketball and where Terry went to school. He is my hero and I hope his mom lights the torch- but whoever it is I can guarantee you I’ll be reaching for the tissue box.


Sales Manager Ro Davies, General Manager Alan Kristmanson, C.P.G.A. Teaching Professional Duncan Savage and Guest Services Supervisor Paul Shimizu.

Sales Manager Ro Davies, General Manager Alan Kristmanson, C.P.G.A. Teaching Professional Duncan Savage and Guest Services Supervisor Paul Shimizu.

Torch Relay Video


Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Congratulations to the staff and volunteers of the Athletes Villages in Whistler and Vancouver. Two lucky volunteers were chosen to cut the ribbon and officially welcome the worlds best athletes to Whistler and Vancouver. Thank you for including me in the ceremony!

Thanks to Michel for the tour of the dining hall for the Athletes. What a facility. With seating for over 900 the athletes have access to the freshest foods whenever they need it. The back of house facilities are incredible. Staff work around the clock prepping foods from a variety of cultures. The food services staff displayed incredible enthusiasm and are truly excited to start feeding the world.

Athletes from around the world began arriving at 3pm today to begin their medal journey. A beautiful Spring like day greeted them with incredible views to West Bowl on Whistler Mountain. The athletes have access to great facilities that include a loaded games room- can’t wait to see the rock band competitions-, fitness centre, internet cafe, bank, retail stores, a hospital they hopefully won’t need, outdoor fire pit and lounge area, outdoor stage with live entertainment and more.

It’s officially “ON” in Whistler. Good luck to all. Stay tuned for updates on the Torch Relay. Can’t wait to run!



Torch Relay “heating up” in Whistler

Monday, February 1st, 2010

I must confess that when I got the phone call 6 months ago asking me if I would like to run with the torch in Whistler I had no idea what it meant. I have just returned from watching my mother-in-law run with it in Barriere BC (see below) and the impact the relay is having on our country is incredible. My National Basketball teammate and current Toronto Raptors Head Coach Jay Triano told me it was the greatest thing he’s ever done- this from a guy was one three Olympic Teams. Watching the run in person last week made me realize its not the thrill of carrying it that leaves the impact on you its the reaction of the people watching it come through their community that is so incredible. Thank you to Barriere BC for such an incredible day that my mother in law, my kids and I will never forget. I can’t wait to run on Saturday through Whistler as it heads to Pemberton. Friday night the torch comes into Whistler from Squamish. I’ll see you all in village square!

GM Alan Kristmanson at The Torch Relay in Barriere BC


Final preparations are underway for the arrival of athletes from all over the world. Athletes will arrive to incredible accommodations with stunning views of Whistler Mountain. Services for theathletes include a 900 seat dining hall, a full hospital, 2 retail stores, a bank, fitness centre, games room and more. A Co-Mayor of the Athletes Village I will be part of the flag raising ceremonies and will meet and greet the VIP’s that visit the village. The Athletes Village is an improtant part of the athletes experience and it is imperative it can be a place where the athlete can focus, unwind, refuel and get ready for their event. I look forward to working with all the volunteers and staff of the village over the next month and watching the athletes try to achieve their dream!

P.S. Go Canada Go!


Alan Kristmanson is the General Manager of the Whistler Golf Club and former member of the Canadian National Men’s Basketball team. He is Co-Mayor of the Athletes Village in Whistler for the 2010 Olympic Games and Torch Bearer for the Torch Relay in Whistler February 6th.


Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Check out this article by Padraig Harrington on hybrids versus long irons- complete with photos. If you aren’t a scratch golfer and you are still hitting a two iron, you are leaving shots on the course. READ ON!  AK

Duncan Savage, C.P.G.A. Teaching Professional, Whistler Golf Club